Blackfriars Bridge Station temporary support

The redevelopment of the ticket hall at Blackfriars Bridge Station was commissioned to improve the journeys of thousands of passengers every day.  To ensure disruption was kept to a minimum, a temporary ticket hall was required.  To facilitate this, RDG designed a suspended access platform to contain the structure. 

Providing significant support on a heritage listed site without any intrusive attachments is always a challenge.  In this case, providing access and support between the north bank and the pier adjacent, was particularly challenging due to the limit of permissible loads and the limited support reactions available from the bank wall.  With detailed dimensions and levels not available, the design solution had to be particularly versatile to accommodate unforeseen issues. 

A bespoke collar and clamp system, incorporating aluminium lattice beams as columns, was designed, to enable installation without the need for secondary access.  The design was achieved using 97% standard products, which allowed for the components to be reutilised in other elements of the project later down the line.  The final solution allowed the navigable span of the bridge to remain open at all times.  

Temporary access platform built using 97% standard scaffold components