Bletchley Station temporary platform extension

With the number of rail passenger journeys increasing year on year, existing rail infrastructure is coming under increased pressure.  One way of coping with demand is to increase capacity, Bletchley station was one such case.  Situated on the West Coast Main Line, serving up to 100 trains a day, trains running through Bletchley were to be extended from 8 carriages to 12. 

RDG Engineering were approached to provide a simple yet, above all, safe solution to the problem of short station platforms.  The design solution was a 90m platform extension to be constructed using standard scaffold components, reducing the need for track isolations and possessions.  This enabled the project to be completed in the record time of just 9 and a half weeks. 

The life span of the temporary structure was to be 5 years with an emphasis on any form of inspection being kept to a minimum.  The final design achieved an inspection requirement of twice yearly.  All aspects of the platform extension conformed to the rigorous Network Rail Standards for safety and integrity of use.