The demolition of Carlton House

This 6 storey office block has been demolished as part of a major redevelopment scheme.  Projected to last 2 years, the site will be transformed into a new residential complex.  The chosen method for demolition was ‘top-down’.  This required scaffolding to each elevation to fully encapsulate the building with Monarflex to help contain the dust.  Debris fans were installed along the southern elevation where the neighbouring property and carpark stood just 5m away.    

The rear carpark where the site compound, office and processing area was situated and the neighbouring carpark was only accessible via an entrance point that ran under the building.  The scaffolding was bridged across using 750mm AL beams to maintain access.

The scaffolding was progressively dismantled simultaneously with the demolition of the building.  The last 7m of demolition required the scaffold to be box tied at locations well within the structure itself, requiring a special box tie detail.