Central London residential redevelopment

This residential building located in central London is under redevelopment.  The scaffold design incorporated a single lift access at gutter level, a gantry, a materials hoist and temporary roof.  Work carried out in the basement and pavement limitations meant the scaffold design had to incorporate a number of cantilevered and bridge beam sections.

The gantry was constructed with a 450mm clearance using ladder beams at 1000mm CRS, cantilevered over the basement light wells enabling a head height of 2000mm at the entrance of the building.  The cantilevered beams were spurred back to the gantry to avoid overload.  This arrangement ensured basement work could continue and vehicular access was maintained. 

Access towers were bridged at the rear to provide support for the temporary roof without restricting the rear light wells.  The temporary roof required a substantial number of bridging and spine beams to support the arrangement however with careful material selection it was possible to reduce the amount of beams required.