Coopers building cantilevered scaffold

Located on one of Liverpool’s busiest shopping streets in the heart of the city, Coopers building required maintenance works to be carried out to the façade and parapet stone.  Due to the busy footfall the scaffolding was designed to be cantilevered from the 4th floor.  A NIKO runway system was supported by a roof founded scaffold to allow any unmanageable stone to be lifted.  A protection deck was also designed over the neighbouring store to sustain the impact of any falling debris.

Maintaining stability of the cantilevered scaffold was challenging as it was not possible to tie into the façade.  To compensate, the roof founded scaffold was anchored by penetrating anchor ties over structural steel locations.  Bridging beams were then placed perpendicular to the roof steel to help sustain lateral stability. 

Cantilevered scaffold for refurbishment works