Durham Cathedral

Famous for its Romanesque architecture, Durham Cathedral dates back to 1093.  Conservation and repairs of the bell tower were commissioned to preserve the heritage.  As a Grade 1 listed building it was essential to keep contact between any scaffold and the fabric of the building to a minimum.     

A cantilevered scaffold gantry was designed, comprised of lattice beams fixed in a grid arrangement extending 25m long by 20m high.  The scaffold provided access from a primary hoist on the ground, to a secondary hoist leading to the SE corner of the bell tower.  A running beam was incorporated at gantry level to transport stone to the South Quire Yard for rebuilding.  Shrink wrap covered all façades and a section of the roof to allow for any lead works.  Prior to any work taking place, a light duty fan was designed for the Bell Ringers walk, using ladder beams and netting, to capture any loose material.  

Suspended access scaffolding
Access scaffolding