Access scaffolding for The Forth Rail Bridge

In operation since 1890, the Forth Rail Bridge is a Category A listed structure and is a key part of the Scottish rail network.  RDG provided a bespoke scaffolding design solution that encapsulated sections of the structure that required conservation and repair work. 

The work was carried out over a live railway and in some instances 300m above water level.  The scaffolding was designed to involve minimal components, reducing self-weight and the need to overreach in such precarious conditions.  Due to the heritage listing and the condition of the parent metal it was not possible to attach the scaffolding directly to the structure.  The support arrangement was designed in the form of a saddle, enabling the scaffolding to be slung underneath and built up to surround each element. 

The conservation and repair works involved shot blasting and the removal of contaminated paintwork.  A vario-wall sheeting was attached to provide protection to the surrounding area from dust and contaminated materials, whilst also providing protection against inclement weather.      

The bridge has been under almost continuous repair for many years, the scaffolding design enabled works to be carried out in a more rigorous manner, reducing the need for return visits.  All work was carried out under the control and Network Rail and their processes.