Knightsbridge Palace (Bulgari) Hotel

Overlooking the Knightsbridge Green in the heart of London, the Knightsbridge Palace Hotel, now known as the Bulgari Hotel, boasts 6 floors of deluxe hotel suites and 4 floors of private apartments.  Cladding provided the finishing touches to the luxury hotel, made achievable by access scaffolding designed by RDG Engineering. 

Various options were considered, but due to site constraints and party wall issues, the only viable solution was to design a 24m span bridge oversailing the third party property.  The solution consisted of standard modular scaffold components connected together to make a beam.  Two layers of unit beams were used to increase depth, with ladder beams positioned at the top, middle and bottom, to ensure the structure remained solid.  The design ensured a minimum of 6 lifts and number of pallets of cladding material, in excess of 1000kg each, were supported.