Intake a processing of grain at the port of Lisbon

Porto de Lisboa Grain Terminal

A new grain terminal was required at the port of Lisbon for the intake and processing of 3000 t/h of grain for local distribution. 

To assist with the design process, ship off-loading simulations were carried out to determine the range of ship drafts and ballast requirements, along with tidal displacements throughout the year.  This confirmed the best solution was the design of three new 1000 t/h pneumatic intake plants, weighing approximately 1350 metric tonnes each, spanning across the full length of the 500m quayside.  An additional mobile plant was designed incorporating a 38m radius jib crane, with a safe working load of 14.0 tonne, for servicing the plant and loading bobcat grabs into the ships holds.       

The design brief required that the intake plants contain a fully telescopic intake boom of 45m cantilever, the slew height of the intake vacuum receiver to elevate 38m above quayside level and the full height of the luffing tower to rise 60m. 

For the processing of grain for local distribution the preferred solution was to incorporate two quayside systems of transfer towers with chutes for the discharge of grain into barges.