Portland Estate brickwork refurbishment

Portland Estate was encountering problems with the external brickwork becoming loose and in some cases falling to the ground.  A buttress scaffold was erected as an emergency measure to prevent further degradation to the building and injury from falling debris.    

Following a review by Southwark Council engineers, a remedial proposal for securing the failing brickwork was determined which involved introducing new brickwork ties.  At this stage, RDG took the lead role in developing the design for the installation of three different types of brickwork ties that would provide both vertical and lateral restraint.  The solution involved; Cintec anchors positioned horizontally around each building, at every floor level, mechanical anchors installed into the brickwork that fell in front of the concrete columns and over lintels where brick overhang was experienced and twin start helical flight ties installed within the main body of the brickwork infill panels, between concrete floors and the concrete columns.

To facilitate the work, a series of RMD Superslim Soldier Shafts were installed, allowing the buttress scaffold to be dismantled and an access scaffold to be assembled.