The refurbishment of St. Pancras International part 2

The second phase of the redevelopment of St. Pancras station involved an extension to the east and west sides of Barlow shed.  As with the first phase, it was essential that train movements were maintained as freely as possible so that the station could remain operational.  The development of the east station required a suspended scaffolding system to be designed to provide access for the construction of the roof, whilst works to the track continued.

A bespoke solution was provided which involved rolling scaffolding platforms along a temporary tracking system which traversed from the country end of Barlow shed, to the end of the east station.  The platforms spanned 23½m and were raised 7½m in the air.  A series of large cantilevered scaffolding beams were projected out over Pancras Road.  This provided access to enable the installation of cladding to the east elevation and also provided protection to the operational public highway below.

Scaffolding design for Network Rail at St. Pancras Station
Scaffolding design for Network Rail at St. Pancras Station

When the east side was complete, the tracks that were running on the west side which serviced the station were transferred over to the east side and was opened up temporarily as the domestic railway station serving the rest of the country.  Work then commenced on the west side which was constructed in a similar manner to that of the east.  Façade access scaffolding was positioned along the full length of the west station elevation and a series of elevated mobile scaffolding platforms provided access for the construction of the station roof.  Once the work on the west side train deck was complete, a secondary mobile scaffolding access platform was required for the installation of OLE power cables.

There were still additional works to be carried out over the live railway on the east side because certain elements couldn’t be completed until the west side had been finished.  This necessitated some suspended scaffolding access systems to be built over the active railway to enable the final parts to be put in place.   From that moment onwards the scaffolding systems were removed backwards from the country end to the Barlow shed, where works were underway for the Barlow shed renovation.  Once completed the whole station was then reopened as one with the adjoining east and west sides.