HAKI stair tower at St. George Wharf

Positioned on the bank of the River Thames, St. George Wharf tower is part of a regeneration spanning across 7 acres of South West London.  During the construction, the tower was serviced by two hoists and an internal stair case.  An additional means of access was required in case of emergency. 

RDG Engineering designed a 150m tall HAKI stair tower, which provided access to all 52 levels for up to 300 people at any one time.  With the site located adjacent to the river and the tower being 150m tall, wind loading was critical.  The anticipated wind forces were calculated at different levels up the building ensuring the required materials were kept to a minimum. 

Upturned ladder beams were installed to all four corners of the tower, to three quarters of the buildings height.  Beyond that, the conventional HAKI stair legs were acceptable to support the load.  Each ladder beam had to be machine cut to ensure that the ends were level for the direct transfer of the load from top to bottom.