The restoration of the Northgate

The access steps at Northgate leading up to the city walls in Chester were showing signs of instability.  Built from the remains of the roman gate, the Northgate was once the site of a complex structure dating back to medieval times.  The original structure was demolished in 1808 after being in use for 700 years and was replaced in 1830. 

Scaffolding designs were developed to provide full encapsulation of the structure, including a cantilevered temporary roof, to ensure no further structural movement was experienced due to rain water.  As the restoration began, various areas of the external wall were propped as sections were removed, ensuring the remainder of the wall remained intact.  A propping brace was also provided as it became apparent that the core of the wall was made up of loose granular fill.  Horizontal RMD Slimshor’s were installed to allow access to the foundation, these were positioned at low level on the wall and slightly elevated at the steps.