The Royal Academy of Arts temporary roof and independent scaffold design

The Royal Academy of Arts is undergoing a transformative redevelopment which will be completed in time for its 250th anniversary in 2018.  The Royal Acadamey required remodelling and refurbishment works to the roof and external walls of Burlington Gardens.  The solution was to design an independent access and support scaffold that was positioned around the perimeter of the building, onto which a 40m temporary roof was supported. 

The original temporary roof concept designed by HAKI was found to be flawed.  An alternative solution was proposed by RDG which provided a unique 3 pitched mansard roof, with a twin wire restraining tie to assist with managing the local forces within the frame.  Detailed calculations were required in order to ensure the temporary structure remained stable at all times during any extreme weather conditions.  A gable screen was added to seal the open ends of the roof to prevent wind driven rain entering the newly exposed building.