Ventron Technology speciality oils superstructure

Ventron Technology provides process engineering and project management expertise to the speciality and fine chemicals sectors.  RDG were commissioned to design a superstructure to house the equipment for the manufacturing of speciality oils.  The chemical process involved demands equipment with inbuilt centrifuges and high accuracy weighing facilities. 

The acceptance and serviceability criteria for the design and detailing of the superstructure had to mitigate against elastic deflections and fatigue limiting stress values that enable a real time measuring tolerance of 0.1% accuracy.  This requirement extended beyond the design of the support steelwork and connection detailing, and into the foundations for the superstructure.  The chemical process being undertaken proved to be highly corrosive and required containments bunds and drainage systems that provided resistance to chemical spillages. 

After the design and construction detailing was complete, the RDG design team relocated to site to supervise the construction of the building foundations, steel framework and containment bunds.

Superstructure for the manufactoring of speciality oils