The restoration of the Northgate

Various areas of the external wall were propped as sections were removed ensuring the remainder of the wall remained intact. As propping brace was also...

The demolition of Carlton House

The chosen method for demolition was ‘top-down’.  This required scaffolding to each...

Podium design for The World Rally Championship 2016

RDG provided a bespoke design for a driver’s podium which incorporated access for cars to drive through. Maintaining stability was essential..

  • Must say it was a pleasure working with you. (Can’t say that about every temporary works engineer!!)
    — George
  • Great response on potential projects with us. Good overview and involvement from senior management at all times. RDG Project Engineers quick to establish project needs, innovative, asking the right questions to End User alongside us. Good support!!
    — Anonymous
  • We will most definitely be continuing to use you for all our design needs, to be honest it is a completely different experience to our previous designers in a good way. Your designs are much more informative, the turnaround times are brilliant and your communication is excellent...we are very happy customers!
    — Anonymous
  • RDG are the best design team we have ever had the opportunity to work with - not only with the response but with the general communication made by the North West team.
    — Anonymous
  • RDG Engineering are that rarest of companies, one that excels at what they do and perform well above expectations. For Engineering consultancy, there really is nowhere else to go.
    — Anonymous