Scaffolding Design & Engineering
Scaffolding is a common component in a variety of construction schemes and can be utilised in a variety of circumstances.  We have an array of experience designing access, protection and support scaffolding structures.  Skilled engineers are essential for providing appropriate scaffold designs, ensuring the adaptability of chosen materials are suitably applied.  Our team is inclusive of engineers with a hands-on scaffolding background, allowing us to utilise the fundamental skills and expertise gained from working on the tools.  
Temporary Works & Enabling Works
Temporary works covers various key aspects of enabling solutions on small and large-scale construction schemes. We have a wealth of experience working with all proprietary equipment, providing solutions including hoardings and site set-up, propping and shoring, and crane, hoist and cabin bases.
We are experienced in designing temporary groundworks solutions including pile mat designs and potential efficiency using Geogrids, sheet piling and king post walls for excavations, bearing capacity checks for applied loads along with thrust blocks, props and walers and more bespoke solutions for complex topography and sites.  We also offer advice on in-situ ground testing and review of results
We believe that all aspects of rail engineering and design are fundamental to providing a safe, effective and passenger friendly railway. We offer fully integrated design solutions from concept through to completion following Network Rail processes and procedures. We have direct engineering experience working on the refurbishment of over 30 major rail stations, 50 suburban rail stations and numerous bridges and viaducts. We have extensive experience working as an on-site contractor and as an engineering consultant on a variety of large and complex rail schemes, allowing us to provide main and principal contractors with invaluable support and advice.
Structural Assessments & Surveys
As a structural engineering consultancy, we are experienced in designing and assessing a variety of standard materials, including concrete, steel, timber and masonry.  These skills can be applied as a means of checking loads onto existing structures from associated temporary works. Our experienced engineers will determine the most appropriate survey for the required purpose. The information taken from these surveys can then be translated into a structural assessment. The assessments aim to determine whether the structure can remain in its current form or whether improvements or strengthening are required.
Specialist Scaffold Access Systems
Using our engineering expertise, we consider the specific characteristic of the materials and proprietary products used in scaffolding to push the boundaries of what scaffolding can achieve. We have developed a variety of innovative solutions using standard scaffold products including a clear span access system, which many deem not possible. Our unique scaffold access systems are designed to provide best fit solutions for our clients and allow other trades to continue working,, enabling the project programme to be completed more efficiently.
Many structures undergoing demolition require a controlled sequence of deconstruction. This allows building components to be removed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Expert knowledge of construction methods for old and new structures is essential. Ensuring the safety of the public is of paramount importance. We provide designs and sequence drawings that capture the engineering whilst providing the site-based team a clear and understandable means of working.
Falsework, Formwork & Retention
Falsework, formwork and retention systems can be designed in scaffolding, structural steelwork or proprietary equipment.  We have extensive experience providing falsework, formwork and retention design solutions in a range of structural applications, including new builds, regeneration schemes, facades and bridges.  
Highways & Infrastructure
From smaller isolated sites to large national infrastructure projects, access to the site is key for meeting program targets.  We are involved in the design of temporary roads that tie into existing national highways, temporary haul roads and general site access and Bell mouths.  We can provide alignments, swept path analysis, construction details and GA’s to the latest DMRB standards, including white lining and signage. Our thorough understanding of the road safety audit aspect of a highway design allows us to provide a holistic service.
Heritage Access
Refurbishment and conservation of historic, listed and heritage structures across the country have fuelled the demand for specialist access design solutions. Such schemes involve careful consideration to ensure the existing structure remains protected. Every project is unique, and the choice of method will vary depending on client requirements and site conditions.  
Water Management & Drainage
Our water management service calculates anticipated rainfall and a means of channelling this water to a suitable location through gutter and pipe design. Our services extend to the design of drainage systems in accordance with British Building Standards. We have extensive experience in the railway environment including the lining of culverts and the design process required to ensure water management is maintained.
Expert Witness
Our leading expertise and experience cover all aspects of temporary works design allowing us to assist with conflicts related to technical disputes. Past appointments have included advice for adjudication, arbitration and litigation disputes, covering initial investigations and reporting, guiding legal practitioners on technical issues and attendance in court.