Creek River, Kent
Geotechnical Temporary Works

Groundworks, Temporary Works & Enabling Works

Geotechnical temporary works designs were provided for crane erection and railway bridge replacement over Creek River, Kent. Designs consisted of a temporary site working platform, temporary bridge abutment and temporary ramp access for RRV.

Poor subgrade caused challenges with the design of the working platform. The undrained shear strength of the subgrade was 10 kPa, making BRE 470 design calculations unapplicable. For this type of ground condition where the undrained shear strength was less than 20 kPa, the thickness of the working platform was determined by using the Tensar T-value method. The solution was non-invasive to the crop land.

RDG was commissioned to design mobile access to facilitate the installation of the canopy steel along the length of all four platforms. A track-mounted independent was designed, with a GRP membrane to protect operatives from passing trains. The track and bogie system was bolted into the concrete platform at given centres to mitigate against overturning from wind loading and wind buffeting. The solution ensured simultaneous construction works remained unobstructed and the railway remained operational.