Wentworth Woodhouse
Temporary Roof & Public Walkway

Scaffold Design & Engineering,
Heritage Access

RDG provided preliminary scaffold designs for the restoration of Wentworth Woodhouse, ensuring sensitivity to the Grade I listing and providing a scheme that would actively engage paying visitors.

At concept design stage, RDG provided outline information for the forms of construction, materials, drainage requirement, bridging locations, material transfer, storage routes and access solutions. The detailed design consisted of a encapsulated structure with a lattice-framed duo-pitched roof and gable ends, supported by a perimeter scaffold. As it was not possible to tie into the fabric of the building, the scaffolding was designed to be completely free-standing. Due to the stately home being positioned amidst 87 acres of grounds, the scaffold was designed with added width and kentledge at the base.

It was important to the trust that the house could still generate income during the repairs. Public walkways and viewing platforms were integrated into the design to allow access to visitors. The walkways were assembled at ground level into four 22m sections. The sections were then craned into position, resting on the supporting scaffold structure. The specific criteria for public scaffolds were carefully considered during the design process.