The Royal High School Bath scaffold design for refurbishment work

With a history dating back to 1856, The Royal High School Bath required refurbishment works to the main building façade and roof to preserve the heritage.  An independent scaffold and temporary roof was designed, tied into the front elevation at typical locations.  As this is a Grade II listed building, restrictions were placed on the number of ties that could be anchored into the facade.  Due to a number of out buildings with glass roofs located at the rear, the positioning of the scaffold legs were restricted.  To overcome this a suspended scaffold design was integrated into the main structure. 

In order for the suspended scaffold to become load bearing, two tiers of complex beam work were introduced.  The lower span reinforced the suspended scaffold structure and the upper span supported the roof beams.  The roof architecture required that part of the upper span beam needed to cantilever over the gable elevation.  Two heavy duty towers were added for support.